What is Google AdWords and how you can use it for your business?

If you have heard the phrase...“You Should use Google AdWords for your business” and have no clue what it is or how it works, then you have come to the right place.

Here we will be looking at what Google AdWords is and help you grasp a basic understanding of how it works.​...just...

Know Google AdWords Like a Boss

What is Google AdWords?

If you are worried about your website not organically showing on the “First Page” of Google or if you are looking for Brand Awareness for your product/service, or are simply looking to get more sales/conversions, then Google AdWords is one of the most successful advertising platforms in today’s time of Digital Marketing.

So what exactly is Google AdWords? I wouldn’t go into the technical definition of it (as it's available all over the internet) but I will make your life simpler by describing it as a Google Platform that lets you advertise your website and its products/services on the search engine result page and affiliated google partner sites. Your ad comes up when somebody runs a query related to your product and keyword associated with the ad.

Now you may be thinking, does it actually work or not? (a whole new separate topic). I will sum it up quickly and say - it’s worth giving a shot as it's not nearly as difficult to use or expensive as you may think.

Organic Search Vs Paid Search

Organic Search is a method of getting listed on the search results page, due to the relevance of the site to the search terms, without paying for it. This is what we call SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. The more optimised your websites SEO is, the higher the ranking will be in the organic results. Even though, it's not “paid for” (but you would still end up paying the SEO professional to implement on the website), on an average, it can still take up to 90 days before your pages can start ranking on the first two pages of Google search page. So, let’s just say the organic search is not entirely money and time saved in the short term!!

Switching to Paid Search, in simple terms - It’s paid advertisements. You would have to pay to have your web pages display for certain Keywords. Google AdWords is a “pay per click” system, where the advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on the ad and the biddings for keywords can be controlled, thus giving complete control over your marketing budget.

Organic Search Vs Paid Search

How does Google AdWords work?

The process is pretty simple! After doing a little research on what exactly your target market is looking for in terms of search words related to your product, you insert those keywords in your ad, create an advert and run your campaign. Here is an example of what a search query looks like…

Search Query on Google AdWords

Now, there is a huge possibility that you are not the only one selling that product and want to show your advert on the top of the Google search result page. Competitors will be bidding for the top position, and with almost the same kind of search keywords. This can look like this....

Competitors of Adverts on Google AdWords


To make your advert run at all, you would have to bid against other competitors. One of the factors that decides the ranking of the advert is PPC (Pay Per Click), i.e. how much you are willing to pay for every click. The higher the bid, the greater will be possibility of ranking higher than your competitors. You can manually set your bids for every keyword or choose the automatic option where Google chooses the bid amount given your set budget. This is a good option if you are not confident about the concept of bidding.

There is also another option called Cost-per-impression (CPM). You pay for every 1000 times your ad appears on the search page. This option will be less relevant and more expensive if your objective is to make the searcher visit your site to take further actions like sign up, call or purchase an item.

Now bidding is a huge deciding factor for the ranking of adverts, but is not the only factor. Google believes in delivering the best and most relevant experience to its searchers and it expects the same from you. If you get the following factors right, then there is no chance that your ads won’t run on top position.

Quality Score

Now, placing the highest bids on an advert does not mean it will get the top position. Google gives equal weight to the quality, relevance and usefulness of an ad to the searchers and the search term they have used. They expect that the landing page after clicking on the advert is closest to what the searcher is looking for. It also looks at how many clicks the advert has received in the past and includes it in the quality score.

Another factor that Google introduced lately is the relevance of the ad extensions (location ext., sitelink ext., call/message ext. , etc.). The more prominent these extensions are the higher the quality score of your ads.

Today, I was searching for iPhone 7 and put my search query as “Buy iPhone 7 online”. I was all excited to find amazing offer deals that would finally convince me to spend all the money that I saved to get my hands on the new iPhone 7.  And there, an ad by “Vodafone” popped up at the bottom of the page. Ignoring all the other top ads, I went and clicked on the “Vodafone”. Why?? Duh, it’s Vodafone!!

Vodafone Google AdWord Example of Quality Score on Google AdWords

The ad looks very well written, relevant to my search query and has all the relevant extensions attached to it. CoolaBoola!! So I went ahead and clicked on the ad, expecting to feast my eyes on the beauty, but what I got to see was a bit disappointing!!

Vodafone Google AdWord landing page Example of Quality Score on Google AdWords

Samsung S8??  I thought to myself, did I type in something wrong?? No, I didn't!! No wonder the ad was at the bottom of the page. This is a good example of how Google might penalise & pull down an advert, if it doesn't match the relevancy of the searcher. So placing the highest bid doesn't mean a high ranking of your advert.


If done right and with the right knowledge, Google AdWords can prove to be highly profitable and work for any kind of business.

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