What Digital Marketing Agencies Do.

We are often asked: what is it that digital marketing agencies actually do? We think a lot about it and for us it boils down to staying on top of all things digital. If you created a business page on Facebook or Twitter a couple of years ago, used it for a while and then forgot all about it you are in for a surprise – social media platforms change their rules all the time and get more complicated, so you have to keep learning in order to stay current.

Digital Marketing Tools

purpose of digital marketing agencyTake Facebook Business Manager, for instance (if you haven’t heard about it don’t worry – that’s what digital marketing professionals are for). This handy tool was introduced to help busy professionals separate their personal and professional lives on Facebook, while being able to manage all their apps, pages and advertising accounts in one place. We use it quite successfully to monitor Facebook activity, engagement and advertising reach for our clients.

Here are some figures: one of our recent advertising campaigns reached 24,332 Facebook users and generated 1003 clicks (which means 1003 people felt compelled to click on the advert and visit the page on our client’s website that the advert was linked to). We also know that over the past week the number of Facebook page visits has increased by 57%, engagement by 74% and page likes by 10%.

The work of digital marketing agencies isn’t done once someone visits the webpage. It is crucial to turn as many website visitors into paying customers – most of them are leads that are pre-qualified as they expressed an interest in the business by clicking on an advert.

Staying up-to-date

So how do we stay on top of things? We never stop learning! For example, I joined the company recently with a qualification in digital marketing and a business degree, yet since joining Iolar Digital Marketing I have been busy getting up-to-date with Hootsuite and am now a Hootsuite Certified Professional, a qualification that many digital marketers proudly display on their websites and Linkedin profile pages.

Hootsuite Certified Professional

Hootsuite is another handy tool allowing digital marketing agencies to monitor social media activity across different platforms, schedule and post content and respond to comments from the same dashboard, which saves a lot of time. But Hootsuite is just one tool and there are many automation tools out there that can save a lot of times for business owners and managers.

Digital marketing activities are time-consuming and require resources. Even if you are a digital native and think you could do everything yourself, why should you? So next time somebody asks what it is that digital marketing agencies actually do, we are going to say: we save business people a lot of time and resources by constantly learning and using our own resources wisely.

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About the Author

From an early age, Thomas's interest in aviation and technology began. He is the CEO / Founder of Iolar Digital Marketing which was created because of his love for flying and interest in birds of prey. Iolar is the Irish word for eagle and also the sister ship of the first plane flown by Aer Lingus in 1936. Thomas is a qualified Digital Marketing Consultant with a vast knowledge in related technology and strategies. He is also a qualified computer technician, Cobal Programmer and has a PPL