6 Reasons to use Twitter for small business

Why would you use Twitter for small business?

If after all the previous discussions you are still not convinced whether or not your small business should have a presence on Twitter there’s one thing we can say: you don’t have to be on every social platform. In fact, it would be a waste of resources to try and be everywhere. Every channel (and Twitter is just one of them) has its specific requirements and maintaining a meaningful and engaging presence can be time-consuming. Here are just a few reasons why you may decide you need a presence on Twitter.


  1. Customer service


Twitter for small businessTwitter is great for connecting with your audience or courting a prospective customer.  Be prepared for criticism, react quickly if there is a serious problem before your brand suffers. Ignoring your audience on Twitter may have a negative impact on your brand image and potentially your sales, so make sure you have the resources to keep track of the conversations, listen and respond.


  1. Ideas testing


If you are thinking of developing a new product or service you could put it out there (without giving away too much) to see if your customers (or potential customers) like it.



  1. Brand awareness building


We already stated in our previous blog that Twitter is not a selling tool, but it can be used effectively to build general awareness of your brand even before your business or product is launched. A good place to start is by taking part in Irish Biz party on Wednesday nights. #irishbizparty



  1. Showing off your knowledge and expertise.


While building up your brand you can show that you know your stuff and are prepared to give more than the audience is asking for. We do not advocate giving away your goods or services for free, but links to free e-books and informative blog posts work quite well on Twitter.


  1. Connecting with other small businesses in your field, building joint projects.


While you should of course be aware of the competition, it can be rewarding to build connections with similar businesses in your area to share experiences and work on projects that could benefit every participant.


  1. Gauging purchase intent (not direct selling).


If you listen to your potential customers you may be able to find out what they are looking for and even measure their readiness to buy a certain product.


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