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There are plenty of tools out there to make your life on Twitter easier as your following increases. Some of them are free with premium features, others will offer you a free trial for a limited time.  We would advise you to weigh the benefits of any service before paying for it.  Here are some of the most popular Twitter tools:


  1. Hootsuite. 


This tool allows you to preschedule tweets, filter content into columns and view your followers. You can also get analytics on the links shortened through Hootsuite URL shortener. Hootsuite have a premium service, so the scope of analytics offered for free is limited.



  1. Needtagger.


This is a listening tool allowing you to find out which brands people are talking about and identify potential customers.  They offer a free trial with three levels of paid service afterwards (Pro, Agency, and Enterprise)


  1. Tweetonomy.


An analytics tools that allows you to analyse (that includes visualization)  your or your competitors’ Twitter accounts.  With Tweetonomy you can backup and export your tweets and mentions into PDF and Excel, get search analytics on keywords, hashtags and favourites, track clicks on your links and find unfollowers.  Their landing page offers a trial, but doesn’t provide any information on pricing.





It’s not just a URL shortening serve. A free account will also allow you to see the stats for any links you share through your dashboard.  On top of that you can even create your own custom short domain to match your brand.





This application will let you create your own newspaper by automatically finding articles, videos and photos on the Web, not just on Twitter. help you solve the problem of fresh content generation by replacing it with curation (which is what gathering other people’s content is). This app offers a free trial There is no information on pricing on their landing page, so you have to try to find out how much you’ll have to pay later.


  1. Twitterfeed.


Here’s another handy curation tool. This app allows you to add RSS feeds to be shared automatically through your Twitter, and other social media each time there is a new update to them. You can customize the tweets to show the title of the new post, and mention the blogger to notify them that you are posting links to their blog posts.


If you do some research on the Web you’ll find many more useful Twitter tools (there’s no doubt many more are being created as we speak). Do not fall for the glitz and the fancy features, make sure the tools you choose suit the needs of your business, especially if you are planning to pay for them.


What tools do you use and why? Please leave your comments below.






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