Starting Twitter for Your Business

If you are just starting out on Twitter, first think about whether the platform is right for your small business. Are you customers (your prospective customers or your target audience) on Twitter? If they aren’t, you will probably be wasting your time trying to convince them to ‘follow’ you. Twitter is primarily a brand awareness building tool and a great customer engagement facility, so do your market research first to find out where your customers are and if they are Twitter users and how they use it.

If you’ve done your research and are convinced that the platform is good for your business here is some advice you may find useful, but bear in mind that after a while you’ll find your own way of doing things, so our advice is: don’t take any advice at face value. Try everything and see if it works for you.

  1.  Create a great profile and keep tweaking it.
    It’s not enough to have a great profile, try to change it once in a while (we are not talking about inventing things or lying on your Twitter profile – that would damage your reputation in the long run), try adding and rewording things and see how people react: if you notice an increase in followers and follow backs you are probably on the right track.
  2. Choose a good photo or graphic for your profile picture. I
    f your business is a personal brand choose a good close up shot, do not include other people in it and don’t use your cat’s picture.
  3. Use hashtags.
    Hashtags (for example #localelections) are a great way for your tweets to be found. Anyone interested in the same topic can search for the hashtag to see who else it talking about it. Before you invent your own hashtag do check if a similar one is already in use.
  4. Set up Google alerts,
    you’ll be surprised how many people get their news from Twitter. Even if you don’t have a Google account (but we’d advise you to get one) you can set up a number of Google alerts to notify you if any news items are available in the area of your interest. Your tweet breaking important news may even go viral, but although virality is impossible to predict, sharing interesting stuff is bound to get you more followers.
  5. Do not buy followers!
    Do not trust people who tell you they know how to increase your following by thousands overnight. Quality of your following is more important – who wants thousands to followers that never listen or are impossible to have a conversation with. Twitter is a slow medium, it takes time to gain trust and following.
  6. Pay for tools only if you are sure of their ROI.
    Hootsuite provides some analytics for free, you’d have to pay for anything beyond the basics. There is a multitude of tools out there: The Archivist allows you to create archives of tweets and analyse them; SocialBro claim that their app is offering you the best way to grow and analyse your audience. Most of these tools will offer you a free trial or a very basic free package hoping you’ll become a paying customer as your needs grow.

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