Social Media Is Not Free Anymore

Social Media is no longer free

Informational noise is the reality that is not going to go away. With an ever increasing number of businesses and people creating content on a daily basis the overload is bound to increase. That means it will be increasingly difficult for your intended audience to cut through the content noise.  The days when spreading the word on social media from time to time could help you get the message across for free are gone. These days social media is not free anymore.

1. Labour cost

creating great content takes time, effort and skill. Your staff will be spending more time creating content and posting it on an ever increasing number of social media platforms. Remember, your message should be differentiated for every platform.

2. Analytical skills

continuation of the previous one,  but with a twist: it doesn’t take long to do your analytics, but you need a skilled workforce who would be able to analyse and interpret the data and recommend a course of action if the situations needs to be improved.

3. Reputation cost

one negative comment on social media could kill your company’s reputation and it could take a lot of time, effort and money to repair the damage.  Consider this before making the decision to create yet another company profile on yet another social platform. Make sure you have an emergency response plan in place to prevent irreparable damage and that your employees are aware of it.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. Warren Buffett Click To Tweet

4. Technology

most productivity and marketing automation software and apps cost money and you cannot do without these technologies because your competitors are most probably already using them. But before you spend any money do your research and think in terms of the benefits technology can provide for your business, don’t just try to emulate your competitors.

5. Advertising

perhaps the most obvious one, as advertising always cost money. Instagram is the latest social platform to offer businesses the possibility to advertise. With 100% organic reach and a highly engaged relatively affluent audience of 300 million people it could be worth exploring if Instagram is where your target audience hang out.  Whether we like it or not, advertising will only increase in importance, as the amount of content noise keeps increasing.



Social-network-communities-image6. Outsourcing

as your business grows you may decide that it’s best to outsource your online activities (and indeed all digital marketing activities) to a specialist agency that provides social media services, but again it’s important to weigh the benefits and negative sides of such a move.

7. Quality

we already mentioned that your content has to be of high quality, so your target audience would be happy to consume it. But as the importance of visual content grows so does the demand for visuals that are of high quality. These high quality images and videos require an investment of time and money.

8. Education

keeping up to date on the latest developments in the world of digital marketing and specifically in social media may costs money if you decide you need to attend courses and industry conferences. But there’s plenty of advice out there that you can access for free.

9. Internet of Things

proliferation of new devices means that you will require staff with enough web development skills in order to optimise your social content for screens of all sizes.

In conclusion, forget about the social media that will help you spread the word about your business or get more sales for free. Social media is not free. Instead think in terms of overall social media strategy and budget for your digital marketing spend using your resources wisely.

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