A beginners Search Engine Optimization guide

An important foundation to build your website and small business on is search engine optimisation. According to a study done in 2010 75% of users never go past the first page of search results [1]. If you have not implemented a good SEO plan and you do not work on your website with SEO in mind you will find yourself stuck along way down in the search result pages. This will mean that you will gain very little website hits from people who are using Google to search for companies to buy products or services that would be available on your website.

A beginners Search Engine Optimisation guide will give you details and information on how to set up your site and how to write content with SEO in mind and you’ll soon find yourself flying up the search rankings.


Head tags:

Inside your <head> tag for your html code you will have two tags that will be very important when trying to improve your search rankings. First is the title tag which will be tell search engines what the topic of the page will be. You should aim to have a title tag for every page on your website. You will also use the <meta> tag which will provide you with the chance to give a longer, more in-depth description about your page.




<title> Digital Marketing Dalmatians </title>

<meta name = “description” = content = “Iolar Digital Marketing provides digital marketing services for small/start-up businesses. We provide in-depth guides to SEO, social media marketing, website design and brand marketing.”> 



Quality Content:

“Content is King”.

You will need to provide your visitors with a compelling reason to visit your site again, or to recommend/link it to other people. By having your site linked on other blogs this will help increase your popularity amongst Google rankings. Your content should contain words that you think users will often search for when looking for the product service you are selling. The hard part will be finding ways that will make your content stand out, here are some ideas that might help;

Layout – Make it attractive and easy to look at. No big clumps of texts. Include headings, sub-headings and paragraphs. Implement different colour schemes through the text to help break it up.

Writing style – You aim for it to be funny and/or easy to understand. In certain profession comedy won’t be a good idea so then you should concentrate on explaining your content easily. Don’t make the content very boring or include lots of big words that people might not understand.

Visuals – For example you could use videos or posters to add to your text content.


The main aim should be to create interesting and enjoyable content that people will want to read and share. The list above is just a few examples of how you can set about achieving good content.


Heading Tags:

This will create a structure on your web page and they will help users navigate through the webpage. Heading tags start with <h1> and end with <h6> with <h1> being the most important. A heading will enlarge the text that it is used on, making it look like a heading while the rest of the text will be smaller. For example on this page I used the h1 tag for the title, and then h2 tags for my sub heading – Head Tags, Quality Content and Heading Tags.


These are just a few tips that will help boost your page rankings. Another useful tool to implement with the above strategy is to avail of Google keyword planner which can be accessed when you set up a Google Adwords account. This will provide you with information on what phrases and keywords people use on Google when searching for something. If you are selling a certain product or service you can see what common terms people use when looking for websites that offer those services. On our site we wouldn’t just focus on the word digital marketing. We would need to make sure we mention words like services, agency, business, strategy, consultant, solutions in our content to help improve our rankings in those areas as that is the terms people will search for when looking for the services we provide.

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