Really looked at your business lately?

What’s going on with your business? When people ask, have you noticed how quickly your answers slip into autopilot? Overplaying the same old speech blurbs where everything is just dandy and business couldn’t be better. Have you really looked at your business lately?

If you sleepwalk through answers about your business, is it not fair to assume your business is probably sleepwalking it’s own tired course? I doubt it’s the vision you had planned for it.  

The word ‘potential’ lingers somewhere in the vicinity. But potential is just that – potential! A fantasy without purpose. A few stops short of hope. A business strategy with as much merit as taking all your available cash flow, converting it to pennies and conscientiously throwing them into your local lucky fountain with wishes of great fortune attached. Best of luck..I suppose.

Things don’t just happen. You have to make them happen.  

What’s that big hairy problem that’s holding back your business? You know, the one that keeps you awake at night, that casts a long shadow from the back burner light, the seemingly insurmountable mountains sight, where you choose the opt-out flight than fight.

It should be uncomfortable to face the hard questions about your business. Anything worth striving for comes at a cost. But you’ve got this far? You have a business. You know it inside out. And you know what roadblocks you must overcome if your business is to grow. It’s that one final piece of the puzzle you may be avoiding.

There is only one way forward – take action and confront the big obstacle in your business. And the irony is, you’re probably not far off that sweet flow state allowing your business to flourish.

First, a critical juncture of taking action begins with just observing your business. Allowing yourself the time to understand where your business is today. This will inform your decisions on how you plan to grow tomorrow. To that point, I refer to Abe:

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening the axe’ – Abraham Lincoln. 

Take a step back from your business and see it for what it is. Pause, reflect, identify problems, plan, execute and review the process again. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

Business Growth Workshop

On the 22nd March 2017 Iolar Digital Marketing is hosting the Business Growth Workshop for a limited number of businesses. Likeminded business owners will participate in an interactive group workspace on their own individual business goals. Thomas Crotty (Iolar Digital Marketing) and Colette O’Sullivan (Business Coach) will host the event. 

The workshop will analytically assess your business, provide a plan of action going forward and imbed milestones for future review. The outline agenda of the workshop will be as follows:

  1. Evaluating your business
  2. Identifying your growth opportunities
  3. Developing an action plan
  4. Revaluate and optimise with quarterly review
  5. Building a support network  Grab Your Seat

How does it benefit your business?

This event is not a detached exercise in theory. The purpose is not to educate you on abstract knowledge and best practices. Nor is it a motivational talk with vanishing short-term benefits.

It is designed to apply directly to affect change in your business. It is actionable. It requires your participation. YOU will be doing the work.

Evaluating your business

We will assess your business as it is today. We will strip your business to its core and distill down what true value you offer your customers. We will identify your biggest obstacles in delivering that value to those customers.

Identifying growth opportunities

Often, the biggest challenges to your business are its greatest growth opportunities. We will identify the priority areas of your business to focus on.  

Developing an action plan

We will guide you in creating an action plan to address the areas of focus of your business. This will organise the work required, assigning owners and due dates. You will walk away with a plan to implement and put into action immediately.

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Reevaluate and optimise

Only what is measured can be managed! We will set a process to evaluate the results. We will compare results to baselines, outline how necessary revisions and refinements are to  optimise results and repeat the process. Targets and milestones will be put in place with quarterly reviews.

Building a support network

The event will have a limited group size. The interactive nature of the event demands an intimate group setting. You will be part of a community of business leaders focused on a common objective. There is huge benefit in groups focusing on growth together, leveraging a synergy from each other. It has the added benefit of ascribing a subtle accountability to your action plan. Facebook and LinkedIn groups will encourage post event communication for advice and support on business development.

An impartial dissection of your business with fresh eyes will focus your attention and begin the process of launching your business to the next level. You business owners just have to man up, show up, follow the process and make yourself unmercifully accountable to your business.
As my mother says: ‘If you want to make your mark, you have to make your move’. Your move?

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About the Author

From an early age, Thomas's interest in aviation and technology began. He is the CEO / Founder of Iolar Digital Marketing which was created because of his love for flying and interest in birds of prey. Iolar is the Irish word for eagle and also the sister ship of the first plane flown by Aer Lingus in 1936. Thomas is a qualified Digital Marketing Consultant with a vast knowledge in related technology and strategies. He is also a qualified computer technician, Cobal Programmer and has a PPL