Facebook business page tips


Facebook business page tips

A Facebook business page should be an essential tool of their on-line portfolio. Facebook provides business owners the chance to connect to millions of potential customers for free. To get the best of your Facebook business page it is important to understand what you need to do on Facebook. I will outline some golden rules for operating a Facebook business page to achieve the best possible results for your business.


Update it Regularly

Each business sector can be different. For a business that deals with the public on an every day basis you should be aiming for at least one post per day, ideally it should be more though. Restaurants and cafes would all fall under this category. Industries that rely on good customer service will really benefit from frequent use of their Facebook business accounts. There is nothing worse than opening a Facebook business page and then ignoring it for weeks, months or even years. It gives people who will find your Facebook page a very poor impression of your business, especially if this will be their first impression. Here’s an example of why ignoring your Facebook can be a bad idea….



A plus skips

This is the current Facebook users comments page of a skip hire company based in Dublin. Those three posts are at the very top of the page and are instantly viewable as someone as some clicks onto the companies Facebook page. The company itself last posted on it’s page on the 18th of October 2013 so they obviously haven’t logged in since. For any potential customer who decides to check out this companies Facebook they will be immediately put-off ordering a skip from them. If the company are not organised enough to look after their Facebook page then people could wonder how likely they are to offer me excellent service.



By interacting with people on your Facebook you can build a relationship between you and the public. This will allow you to expand your customer base and help retain current customers. First impressions will always matter, by posting regularly on Facebook and by interacting with people you will have a hand in shaping what those first impressions the public will have about your business. Friendly manner, prompt response times and good grammar(no text speak) will always give a positive first impression. Facebook will also allow you do demonstrate a personality through your posts.


Make your posts visually appealing

No one likes reading big blocks of text. For your posts, try and keep them light on text content and ideally you want to include a picture of some sort. If you are advertising a deals/offers design a poster that will tell customers exactly what you are offering instead of simply putting it in text. A well designed poster that is visually pleasing will gain a lot more attention than one that is simply text based.


FB - poster vs nonposter

On top we have a poster giving details about a Table Quiz fundraiser, on the bottom we have the same details for the fundraiser in all text. As you can see the poster makes a big difference in catching the eye and is a lot easier to read and pick up on the information contained in the poster.


Promoting your business

The main aim of Facebook will be to promote your business. The easiest way to achieve this on Facebook is by running giving away prizes for people who like and shared certain posts about your business. For example if you have a new deal you want to promote it; design a poster which will include all the information and then post it on Facebook and tell people that anyone who likes an shares the poster will be entered into a competition for a prize. The better the prize, the more likes & shares you will receive. By people sharing your post it will then show on their Facebook feeds and their friends will see the poster, then they might be inclined to like & share as well. This is a great way to quickly and cheaply get publicity for your business.

This information should provide you with a very useful starting point on how to operate your Facebook page for your business.

If anyone has any comments or feedback then post below. I will happily expand on any points I have raised in this article if you have any questions.

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