Should You Have a Company Facebook Page?

Should your business have a facebook company page

Before you decide to create a company Facebook page consider your overall business goals and how you could integrate Facebook into the bigger social media strategy. Don’t do it just because your competitors are on Facebook. Make sure your audience is on that platform and get as much information about their behaviour on Facebook as possible. Find out what their needs are and serve these needs. Without this information, you could be making a costly mistake because as we have discussed in a previous post, facebook is not exactly free anymore for businesses looking to get results from the platform.

Here are some of the factors you may consider:

Advantages of having a company Facebook page:

  1. Facebook advertising. A relatively inexpensive alternative to traditional advertising channels, plus you can target audience with greater precision.
  2. Groups. If your business has a cause people can rally around starting a Facebook group could be a good initial choice, as that cause will attract subscribers and you won’t have to spend too much money and effort on advertising. You can also get valuable feedback from groups members once you have gained their trust.
  3. Keeping tabs on competitors. While you shouldn’t copy everything your competitors do, if they are on Facebook you may want to know what they are up to.
  4. Lead generation. You can generate leads by collecting people’s e-mail addresses through competitions and giveaways.
  5. Facebook Insights. These are perhaps less sophisticated than Google Analytics, but you can still get information on how your posts perform, what your audience’s demographics are and how they are engaging with your updates.
  6. Increased traffic. You can increase traffic to your own website by posting links and so gain paying customers.


  1. The nature of the platform. Facebook has a much more informal atmosphere than LinkedIn or even Twitter. People tend to get emotional in their comments, which could be good for your brand if you strive to have an informal relationship with your audience. But remember that one negative comment can destroy your brand’s reputation if not handled correctly.
  2. Facebook search.  This feature means that anybody can find anything that was ever posted on Facebook, so that negative comment that you thought everyone has forgotten about may resurface again. For this reason, it is important to be transparent and show that you solved the problem to the customers satisfaction.
  3. Unfollow button. This is a valuable feature that may enhance a personal experience on Facebook, but could be dangerous for a business, as you never know how many of your followers actually read your updates.
  4. Time and resources. If you already have profiles on other social media platforms consider the amount of additional time you will have to spend maintaining your brand’s social presence. You may need to assign a community manager to your Facebook page as it’s important to listen and react/respond to comments. Every platform is different and requires attention in its own right.

As with any other social media platform you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your own brand’s presence on Facebook before making the decision. Take into consideration the resources your business has and what resources you may need to acquire. If you decide that your brand will benefit from a Facebook presence keep monitoring the impact of that presence. Have a strategy, change it regularly and do not expect quick results.

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