Creating Video Content

Creating your first video is an exciting step. Before long you’ll be an internet star. Before long you will be providing your visitors with great video content. Before you start blushing in the glow of success, use this handy checklist to make sure you have covered all your bases.
  • You have chosen your video topic.
    •  Is your topic narrow enough? The more specific and targeted your topic is, the easier it’ll be to talk about for two to three minutes.
    • Does your topic provide value? Your video, like any website content, needs to offer value. Generally you offer value by providing new and relevant information. Additionally, entertainment offers value and it helps your video go viral.
    • Is your topic “In demand”? Does it talk about something your prospects and visitors are dying to know? Look to trends, keyword research and headlines for high demand topics.
    • Does your content have an emotional appeal? Can you share a funny or rousing story? Tapping into emotions isn’t necessary. However, it does help your viewers connect with you, your business and your message.
  • You have all the equipment necessary to create a quick and easy web video. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Video camera. For example, iPhone (best fixed on tripod and you will need an external audio recording device) HD quality camera.
    • Tripod
    • Good lighting. Natural lighting is best.
    • Other_________________
  • You have created your content outline. You know what you’re going to talk about.
    • You have outlined the key points you want to discuss in your video.
    • You have  included a personal story or example.
    • You have  practised a few times with or without the camera running.
    • You have  timed your content so you know about how long to talk.
    • You have created note cards and positioned them near your camera so you don’t forget what you want to discuss.
  • You have chosen your filming location. You have considered:Creating Video Content
    •  Logic. Does the location make sense for the video topic?
    • Lighting. Is there natural lighting?
    • Sound. Is the location quiet enough so viewers can hear you without being distracted by other background noise?
    • Is it a comfortable location for you to film? If you’re not comfortable it’ll be difficult to sound natural.
  • To ensure you filmed your video successfully. There are really only a few keys to success.
    • Relax and act naturally.
    • Make sure your viewers can see and hear you.
    • Talk as if you’re talking to a friend.
  • You have edited your video to cut out the unnecessary extras.
  • You have added any captions, tags, and music.
  • You have uploaded your video to your website.
  • You have  included it in your content marketing strategy. This might include linking to your video on social networking sites, submitting it to bookmarking sites and optimising it for the search engines.
  • You have created systems to test and track for success!
  • You have written and uploaded the transcript to YouTube with the video

If all of the above sounds like it is too much for you to do, why not give use a call and we will work with you. We can help you with your video from concept to completion and drive traffic to your site using our video marketing techniques. There are more ways than one to create video content and you do not have make an appearance in most of the other methods. Check out other posts here on video making tips 



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