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Should You Have a Company Facebook Page?

Before you decide to create a company Facebook page consider your overall business goals and how you could integrate Facebook into the bigger social media strategy. Don’t do it just because your competitors are on Facebook. Make sure your audience is on that platform and get as much information about their behaviour on Facebook as […]

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Social Media is no longer free

Social Media Is Not Free Anymore

Informational noise is the reality that is not going to go away. With an ever increasing number of businesses and people creating content on a daily basis the overload is bound to increase. That means it will be increasingly difficult for your intended audience to cut through the content noise.  The days when spreading the […]

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Don't be a Twitter Robot

Don’t Be A Twitter Robot

According to a 2013 study by the Internet security firm Incapsula 61.5% of Internet traffic is non-human. In terms of social media and Twitter in particular it means that quite a lot of the platform users are bots or robots, algorithms created for various reasons, usually for data gathering. If you have been using Twitter […]

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Twitter for business

Starting Twitter for Your Business

If you are just starting out on Twitter, first think about whether the platform is right for your small business. Are you customers (your prospective customers or your target audience) on Twitter? If they aren’t, you will probably be wasting your time trying to convince them to ‘follow’ you. Twitter is primarily a brand awareness […]

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Twitter not a business tool

Learn Why Twitter is not a selling tool

Brands that have figured out Twitter, are using the platform successfully to build awareness and create a dedicated community, that listens and reacts to their calls to action. To put it simply: Twitter is not a selling tool. In fact today’s consumers hate to be sold to, on any platform – we are confident and […]

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Twitter Tools

Tools for Twitter  

    There are plenty of tools out there to make your life on Twitter easier as your following increases. Some of them are free with premium features, others will offer you a free trial for a limited time.  We would advise you to weigh the benefits of any service before paying for it.  Here […]

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what is twitter

What is Twitter – Part 1

Twitter started out as a microblogging site in 2006, although it essentially differs from a blog because it only allows an update that is no longer than 140 characters. Granted, you can still post a rant that is 140 long that is bound to annoy e few people, but wise Twitter users have realised that […]

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