B2B Networking Getting Extremely Social

We say yes to a lot of things but none quicker than accepting an invitation to the Biz Expo 2017 in the Citywest Hotel on the 26th April 2017. Ireland’s largest SME B2B networking exposition is a microcosm of commerce in the country today. Get a feel for where other businesses stand and where trends are heading.

Iolar Digital Marketing are sponsoring this trailblazing event, adding our expertise to all things digital.

We want to dive deep with fellow business owners and offer our digital marketing expertise. We are here to give advice to businesses in preparation of the event itself. Optimise your brand and get noticed at the event https://iolardigitalmarketing.com/contact-us/.


We can’t wait to get stuck into other business owners and build relationships with future associates and partners.

The premiere B2B networking event of 2017 has a staggering 140 different industry sectors to wiggle your way though. The thing about these events is you don’t know who you’re going to meet. And what’s more, you don’t know what you don’t know.

You may have preconceived ideas of where your business should be going given contemporary convention. But it may be the conversation you have with another business owner from a different sector that gets those synopsis firing.

Map new connections in the brain that sparks innovation. Business chemistry. Input from new people, alternative ways of thinking, novel ways of approaching challenges create new trends and business opportunities.

We want to get our brains sizzling and break new barriers. We’re excited about making new connections

So how can we help you?

Free Consultations

We are offering free consultations to business owners with questions on digital marketing and business growth.

Is your message getting to your target audience? Do you know what your OVP?

We will help you strip your business to its core and distill down what true value you offer your customers. You’ll be surprise how quickly we find your soft spots.  

Free Digital Health-Checks

Find out how your business stacks up online? We will conduct free digital audits on your business onsite at the event.

Where is the blockage in your business? Google Adwords got you down? Social Media a confusing minefield? Not getting enough leads for Customer Acquisition? Maybe you’re getting too many leads to handle efficiently?

We have specialists in all areas to grow your business.  

Transform How Your Business Runs

We are also excited about helping business owners getting back to loving their life by getting back in control of their business. Too often we meet stressed business owners with inefficient work practices with businesses morphed into uncontrollable monsters.

We get business owners back working on their business and not in it. We can automate processes into your business for more effective workflow. You will increase your relevant leads, improve your conversion rates, manage your sales process and master ecommerce.

Infusionsoft will transform the daily running of your business. And we are the only Infusionsoft Partner in Ireland.

It looks like we have a lot of people to meet at the Biz Expo 2017. Let’s make some changes in your world.

About the Author

From an early age, Thomas's interest in aviation and technology began. He is the CEO / Founder of Iolar Digital Marketing which was created because of his love for flying and interest in birds of prey. Iolar is the Irish word for eagle and also the sister ship of the first plane flown by Aer Lingus in 1936. Thomas is a qualified Digital Marketing Consultant with a vast knowledge in related technology and strategies. He is also a qualified computer technician, Cobal Programmer and has a PPL