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As a Digital Marketing Agency, we specialise in getting customers for your business.

We pride ourselves in fixing the cracks in your business by providing solutions to your pain points. Do any of these feel familiar?


  1. I Feel invisible online – not getting the right customers?
  2. The leads I do get are slipping through the net or not buying?
  3. My follow up process is non existent or is not working effectively?
  4. I can’t hold onto my current customers and I’m slow to gain new ones?
  5. I’m not getting the returns I want from my social media presence?
  6. I Feel unorganised and overworked – trying to do it all by myself


  1. We target the right audience to get you relevant leads
  2. We educate your prospects as to why you’re the right option
  3. We segment customers and nurture them individually through the sales funnel
  4. We help you build emotional connections and foster loyalty with your customers
  5. We get you connected and into the conversation with your customers
  6. We provide marketing automation to free up time and organise your sales funnel

We attract the right audience to your business and connect with them. We show them the value you offer and educate them as to why you best satisfy their needs. We stay in contact with existing customers and past customers and keep you in their conversations.



Know Your Market

Define your target customer and focus on marketing to a specific audience. Attract the customers that want your service. Identify why they buy from you and group them on similar interests.

Attract Interest

Find out where your customers are most likely to come in contact with your brand’s message. Where do they reside online? Where are your customers eyes and ears? What problems do they want solved? Initiate engagement by connecting with them in an original and personable way. Offer value with helpful content. Those that engage self segment based on content consumed.

Collect Leads

You now have customers attention, transform them to leads by getting their contact information. Offer them something of value – cheat sheets, useful tool kits, an ebook – in exchange for their contact details. Now you have the right audience you can begin to build trust with follow-up contact.




A business must align their product or service with the needs and wants of their customers. Develop relationships by understanding your target customer’s decision making process. Provide guidance and valuable insight that educates and informs their decisions. Quality content on your website, blog and social media platforms will deliver that message.


Customer buying behaviour will best determine when to introduce an offer. Each target customer has a different buying process. Group past customer actions and identify where a prospect is on the buying process funnel. Then match your sales process with their buying process. Understanding each customer’s buying process allows you to priorities those customers ready to purchase.


Develop a complete sales process for your business. Personalised to each customer within a uniform outline. Put clear procedures in place that priorities customers requirements. Design standard documentation and implement payment collection systems for an efficient automated payment process.



Deliver and Wow

Deliver what you promised the customer. Wow them with a pleasurable experience. Go the extra mile and deliver above and beyond your customer’s expectations to maximise your strengths.

Offer More

After delighting your customers consolidate goodwill and offer additional products or services. Approached and timed correctly, your customer will be more open to cross sell, upsell or the introduction of new products.

Get Referrals

It costs more to attract new customers than satisfy existing ones. Referrals are the cheapest way to grow your customers, but you can’t leave it to chance. Ask for referrals. Having a referral programme ensures you win new business and reward existing clients at the same time. Give gift cards, discounts and other rewards to thank for referral.


As a digital marketing agency, we want to develop a real online presence for small business. We bring analytical research, tech wizardry, social connectivity and that little bit of creative mischief.

However, discovering Infusionsoft brought us to another level.

“Infusionsoft is the all-in-one solution that connects your business with all stages of your customer’s journey.”



We integrate three packages that service your small business needs.

Infusionsoft Integration Service PackageInfusionsoft


Infusionsoft is the only sales and marketing automation software that centralises all your data into an efficient single system. It integrates contact lists, marketing automation, sales tools and E-Commerce. Get organised, save time, increase sales and grow your business.


Social Media and Content Marketing Service Package

Social Media & Content Marketing

A strong social media presence is essential to building your brand and influencing potential and existing customers. Position your brand as an authority in its field. Give your brand a voice. Connect personally with your customers. Target finely segmented custom audiences. Create a strategy that integrates your website, blog, social media and search results. We use creative content to educate and engage your customers.

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Search Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Search Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimisation

We analyse web data for valuable insight. We optimise your website to drive relevant traffic from high search rankings. We create targeted Google Ad campaigns for relevant clicks and high conversions. We optimise for mobile and e-commerce shopping platforms. We improve conversions with effective remarketing and retargeting influencing your customers behaviour.

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We are passionate about a few things here at Iolar; Aviation, getting great results and the ever changing digital world. Our buzz comes from our happy customers and gaining clients who share these same passions.

We guide the journey of our existing clients across many different industries from general aviation, security, agriculture and financial to name a few.





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